Every Laguna Niguel Listing Agent has a similar goal — sell your house for the most money in the least amount of time. But there’s much more to it than that, and many things put a good or great agent apart from an average one.

Ultimately, the ideal real estate agent for you is the one that best understands your goals and expectations.

What Services to Expect From a Real Estate Agent When Selling

All agents should offer the following basic services. If you’re considering working with an agent who doesn’t cover the following items, think about trying to negotiate a lower commission. Here’s what to expect from your real estate agent.

It is a report that summarizes recently sold homes that are similar to yours, in the same area.

The agent should talk you through factors that can increase or decrease the price you’re able to get, such as your home’s condition, location and features.

Attract and Screen Qualified Buyers

There are a handful of ways Laguna Niguel Real Estate Agents attract buyers, but it’s standard practice to list on the local MLS and to make sure the listing also shows up on major real estate portals such as Zillow and Trulia. In addition, Your listing should always have a complete and clear listing description and professional photographs.

Bringing in qualified buyers is one of the most important tasks any listing agent has. Did you know that 89 percent of sellers rank bringing buyers to the seller’s home as an extremely or very valuable agent service?

Your Laguna Niguel Real Estate Agent should talk to each potential buyer’s agent to get the offer and gauge their attention — this is especially important if you are selling in a sellers market, where you’re likely to get many offers.

Your Laguna Niguel Real Estate Agent should be able to find out how much money a buyer is putting toward a down payment, how much earnest money they’re willing to put down and how soon they want to close. Serious buyers usually have definitive answers to these questions, and they’re more inclined to put money on the line.

Facilitate Showings

Your agent should coordinate showings, always providing you an agreed-upon amount of notice ahead of time. Based on how your agent’s team operates, it may be your actual agent, a team member or an assistant who reveals the home.

If you’ve agreed to it, your Laguna Niguel Real Estate Agent may also allow lockbox showings, where the buyer’s agent lets themselves in using a private code. This is more common in situations where the seller has already vacated the home.

Sell In A Reasonable Time Frame

The perfect selling time frame is dependent upon your real estate market. In hot markets, homes can sell in as little as 30 days. But in cooler markets or rural areas — or if you’re selling a luxury home with a more limited buyer pool — it can take longer.

Your real estate agent should tell you what the average time on market is for your area and provide an estimate on how long they think your home should take to market. Then they should do their best to deliver on that estimate.

Convey Offers, Handle Paperwork and Facilitate Negotiations

Your Laguna Niguel Real Estate Agent is legally required to tell you about all offers. It’s also their job to handle all negotiations between you and the buyer and guide you through actions that need to be taken to close the deal, like signing paperwork and arranging inspections and appraisals.